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25. West Virginia. Female-ish.
Likes toads, werewolves, long-haired metal boys.
Some content is NSFW.

Art blog:
Jul 5 '12

These are screenshots of homophobic comments made by a popular werewolf, fantasy, and furry artist named SugarPoultry

Sugarpoultry (Also known as Jennette Brown)  claims time and time again that she is not homophobic, yet she is constantly proving her homophobia with the various comments she makes on DeviantART and Twitter (PoultryIsMe is her alternate account).

So please make this information well known.

Support for SugarPoultry is support for bigotry.

  1. fenrirsgrave reblogged this from titzfitzpatrick and added:
    This just really brings me down. I looked up to her as a werewolf artist but after finding this it just hit bad, ah...
  2. slashmadness reblogged this from titzfitzpatrick and added:
    I’ve seen very dubious homophobic comments on DeviantArt. That kind of people disgust me, it’s obvious they never saw...
  3. jennyparks reblogged this from titzfitzpatrick and added:
    Ugh. Glad to know about this.
  4. monstersketchfactory reblogged this from singrowlsatthebutt and added:
    This is disappointing me so much. I really love her art, but this makes her really “ugly” to me. I’m sorry but being gay...
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  6. flapperwolf reblogged this from teknicolor-tiger and added:
    Oh fuck, I did not even know. I’m unfollowing her on everything right now. Christ. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. teknicolor-tiger reblogged this from viergacht and added:
    Wow. I knew there was another reason why I did not like this person though I wasn’t entirely sure why. I keep reading...
  8. singrowlsatthebutt reblogged this from fyeahnix and added:
    Oh my god, how ignorant can you be. I literally can’t begin to describe how pissed I am right now reading those posts....
  9. fyeahnix reblogged this from titzfitzpatrick and added:
    Sadly enough, I’m still watching her on dA. I like her art (occasionally), but I cannot stand the comments I see her...
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    She’s a really talented artist. It’s too bad that she’s making these comments.
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